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Rate Showroom is the breakthrough concept of Dan Wowk, a proven entrepreneur.This is the second company created by Dan, the first is, a fully licensed mortgage brokerage. As it turns out, the first company was really a stepping stone to Rate Showroom.

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Our Process

Rate Showroom is a free service that compares the mortgage terms and rates of various lending institutions to Canadians. It’s the one-stop showroom where customers can get the facts and find the best deals to meet their needs. The concept isn’t new, but the systematic application to the Canadian mortgage industry is. Existing mortgage comparison sites are either brokerages themselves or promote the rates of mortgage brokers. Rate Showroom is unique in that we only compare the terms and rates of Banks, Credit Unions and Mortgage Lenders – the companies that actually provide the mortgage. If you choose, you can then approach the lender directly armed with the information you need to negotiate the best deal. Alternatively, you can request the product on-line and a skilled and knowledgeable mortgage broker will be happy to represent you in securing the product of your choice – FREE OF CHARGE!

Rate Showroom is the result of Dan’s accomplished career. His 20+ years working in the mortgage industry, took him from University Graduate to MBA, from Underwriter to Vice President of one of Canada’s largest independent mortgage financing company, and from Employee to Entrepreneur. His principal lesson learned has been that only organizations that provide tremendous value grow and prosper. It was with this philosophy in mind that Rate Showroom was born.

Our promise is simple: provide the most value possible to Canadians, arm them with the information they need, and supply them with the most choice.

Knowledge is Power, be Powerful